The same, but different.

I am a Parent, Husband, Developer, Entrepreneur, Coach, Advisor, and Investor.

More or less in that order. It might seem like that's a lot of hats to wear, but when you really step back to think about it, these things require many of the same skills, approach, and mentality.

Here's just a few off the top of my head:

Desire to help someone besides yourself win.

- your reward/happiness comes from their success and happiness

- it's a team effort, a collaboration; learn as much if not more than you teach

Put people in a position to succeed

- then trust them to execute

Picture a goal, but focus on the journey

- steadfast in goals and ideals but flexible in approach and throughout the journey

- live in the moment and pay attention to the little moments/details

- optimize for success through the journey (rather than just at the end game)

Share stories, opinions, experience, and knowledge

- success is the result of compounding interest in these type of things

- listen as much if not more than you share

- continue to add to this repository (your own journey and your own evolution is not over)

Have a strong set of ideals that guide your philosophy (here are just a few of my own)

- There are no true failures, there are only set backs and learning opportunities

- The journey is the thing (and will never be complete)

- There's more than one way to do it

- You can learn something from everyone

- Respect (expect to earn it but give yours freely to others until it's lost)

- Work smarter AND harder

- Trust but verify

- Optimize for happiness at scale (not just your own happiness)

- Keep a healthy amount of fear in your journey

- Have an unreasonable amount of confidence in yourself and your team (set high expectations)

- Ask questions (especially why)

- Be a leader regardless of your position. Look to put the load on your own shoulders.

- Decisions and beliefs don't have to be final (you can change your mind); Most people make decisions, then rationalize them (be constantly aware of 'why' you make/keep the decisions you make).

- Add value

- Look to make real connections

- Keep growing. Keep going.

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