The speed of seven months...

I was just reflecting a bit and thought I would share. I started this blog at the end of 2007 (a month or two after my Pro Active Record book hit book stores)…so that was just about seven months ago.

At the time I started the blog, I was looking to get involved in another writing project (eventually), was thinking about officially shutting down Statsfeed, and just starting to play around with Factor. was heading into another off season and sort of sitting idle in my brain and heart. I had been ‘working from home’ running my two small companies (Falicon Programming Inc. and Statsfeed LLC) for about the past four years.

I recognized that I was at a cross roads, but I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next.

It was around that time that I really started to wake up to the rest of the blog world as well…while I had been fairly active in my own little development world, I was also too closed off from what people outside of my two little companies were really doing.

Starting to blog motivated me to start following what other people were doing…and got me to start following groups like NextNY

Since that time:

1. I started and built this blogging software (including a small tangent to support both MS SQL and MySQL and incorporate semantic hacker technology so I could enter their semantic hacker challenge [and control my spam])

2. I started and built and integrated support for it into this blog (don’t forget to rate my posts!)

3. I started and built (including building a facebook application)

4. I started thanks to inspiration and help from Charlie

5. I took a full time gig with Bowker.

6. I continued to do consulting for (usually between 5-20 hours a week)

7. I began to dust off and clean up some really old and deprecated Draftwizard code (I’ve got a handful of really big features 90% fixed up and about ready to re-release).

8. I participated as an 'expert’ in the Fantasy Football Index magazine again (once again being one of the most controversial 'experts’).

9. I started but haven’t done much with it yet (I even forgot to add this to the orig. list of things I’ve been doing and had to come back to update the post!).

and probably a handful of other things that I’m just forgetting about right now…

I guess my point is that even though I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing a lot day to day (none of my goals from seven months ago have been accomplished just yet)…I am doing things.

Of course, I didn’t say I’m accomplishing anything of value or interest to anyone else…but at least I’m having fun right!?

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