The startup plan

Let me open with an introduction
Forget Brooklyn, it’s no sleep till PRODUCTION

If you don’t have a plan,
you can not fail

Nor can you succeed

Too much structure and you might miss
an obvious need

You need an OKR
if you want to raise the bar

Got a thousand lines of code
and not one bug

Living on Mountain Dew
Glug. Glug. Glug.

And if you got the thirst
you’ve got to go mobile first

You need digital hipsters
and beautiful design

to make digital crack
into your gold mine


I woke up with the snippet above about a plan rolling around in my head…couldn’t get it out of my head as I got myself and the kids ready for the day…so decided to just let my brain free flow around the thought today and came up with the above…not loving the sequence entirely yet, and feels like there probably are a few more bits needed (and a catchy hook to slip in throughout)…but overall was something fun to play with in my head while doing the usual morning routine today.

Hope you enjoy!

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