Thinking about those who came before.

I often find myself thinking about my great grandfather (so much so that I used his first name as my oldest son’s middle name as a small way to honor him and the following train of thought).

He passed away before I was born, so I never met him and I honestly don’t know very much about him. I don’t know what he did for a living, what his hobbies were, who his friends were, what his dreams and aspirations were…nothing.

Yet, I know that he existed and that I wouldn’t if he hadn’t. I know that he was a regular guy and so he most likely had good days, bad days, and more than anything average days.

And I imagine, or rather project, that his day-to-day stuff probably seemed really important and ‘required’ to him…because that is how most of us operate throughout our days. Yet I, just two generations removed within his very own family, appear to be mostly un-effected (or at least completely unaware) of any it.

This general thought has *really* bothered me over the years.

And it bothers me more when I extrapolate those thoughts out to the billions of other people who have lived through history…most completely forgotten (even by their own families).

I understand that only a few people from any given generation will be remembered by history…but given this, the fact that we all spend so much time, worry, and energy on what happens in our day-to-day seems kind of silly and somewhat useless to me.

And that is why, no matter what is going on in my own little corner of the world, I don’t let things get me too down or stressed out. I try to always keep my personal priorities and goals clear and in the front of my mind. Because in just a few short years, very little of any of it will be remembered or matter to the world at large.

This general flow of thought has long been one of the reasons I *rarely* have a bad day, and instead and am generally happy and in a good mood.

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