tick tock...tick tock...

Today has been one of those days when the clock just seems to refuse to move. I think it’s probably related to my lack of motivation or interest in working today.

Whatever the case, it seems like I’m frozen in time today…sort of bored out of my mind and just waiting for something interesting to do or to distract me…but it didn’t really come and so I just ended up mostly watching the clock tick tick tick.

This is a problem I have from time to time…even with all the various projects I’m actively involved in, I hit these periods of boredom…it’s not that I don’t have anything to do, it’s that I don’t want to do anything I have on my list at that moment.

While I was watching the clock tick away, I did manage to get some work in for myidentifiers.com (the project I’ve been working on for Bowker during the days), some small Draftwizard clean up, and some reviews.com stuff…I also poured through the usual blogs and NFL preseason news…and I even managed to get on the treadmill for a little while tonight…

Yet the clock continues to move slow…I’m winding down the night watching some UFC footage on Spike…this usually gets my adrenaline flowing, but tonight they happen to be replaying a fight I just watched a few nights ago (and so while I’m still entertained, it’s not quite as exciting as it usually would be for me).

Anyway - it is what it is today.

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