Time for a quick rant.

So yes, I’ve been away from blogging for most of the month of November (and honestly a bit of the end of October too)…but I’m gonna try to work my way back into the habit. It’s really amazing how hard it can be to get into the habit, and how easy it can be to break the habit. Sort of like working out I guess. The real trick is to just do it, one way or another, good or bad, just keep trying and you’ll see results.

I guess that’s sort of true with start ups as well. Just keep trying your ideas and trying new businesses and chances are you’ll eventually land on something good.

Anyway, while I’ve been on my little blogging hiatus I have been thinking of a lot of things I *should* have been blogging about…and even more things I *could* have been blogging about…as I get back into the habit, I’m sure I’ll explore many of those topics…so stay tuned!

Now, on to my original motivation for getting back to blogging today…I’m running a very small ad campaign for the (beat)down app on facebook as a test. Right now I’m paying for views rather than clicks (seems to be a better deal for this app so far)…anyway, I do have statistic reports from facebook that tell me how many times my ad was viewed and how many times my ad was clicked for a given day.

But here’s what I don’t get…you have to be logged into facebook to see and click on those ads right? So how come I don’t get more data about who’s seeing and clicking my ad…I mean I’m paying for those views right, so shouldn’t I get a little bit more than something that says 40,000 views, 12 clicks?

I can understand if you don’t want to tell me the specific people who’ve viewed the ad…but I would think you could give me some fairly detailed stats on things they have in common…and certainly for the people who clicked on my ad.

In fact, since I’m paying for them, I think it’s only fair that I should at least get to ‘view’ the profiles of people who have clicked on my ad…because ultimately that would help me to build better ads (by seeing the types of people that are actually clicking on my existing ads).

Anyway - it’s all data that facebook has (as opposed to google adwords where a user doesn’t nec. have to be logged in to do a search – though even there you could easily argue that google has a lot more information about who people are and what they are doing when clicking on your ads than they share with the paying customer)…so how come, even though I pay for it, I can’t get better data?

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