Tiny side project...

Kiril gave me an idea for a quick little side project the other day, and I finally found a few hours to hack on it tonight…it’s not entirely finished yet (it always takes longer than I want it to or think it will)…so I’m not going to share the details of it with you just yet but I’m hoping to be able to announce the first release of it within the next few days.

In the meantime, I did find another small bug with pu.ly today thanks to a mention by epc147…what’s really cool is that I was too busy today to spend much time checking twitter, and so normally I would have missed epc147’s tweet (or at least not noticed it for a few days – since I do occasionally use the @falicon link on twitter to see if I missed any recent mentions)…anyway, since I’m using pu.ly to alert me via email any time someone includes @falicon in their tweet, I got an email with the details almost right away…and since I check my email constantly throughout the day (it’s my primary method of communication with most people)…I was able to be alerted of the problem, and take a few minutes to debug it before too many other people really had a chance to notice it (as far as I know at least).

To me, that’s pretty cool and I’m pretty excited to be getting value out of the pu.ly service myself already…it just means I’ll def. be putting some more time and effort into it moving forward to make it that much more useful for myself (and others of course).

Oh and on a completely different note, I grabbed to more domain names that I’m pretty happy with in the past couple of days, pa.ly and tym.ly. Both are insanely short, which of course I love, and each could be used for a variety of ideas I’m already kicking around in my head.

In fact, in my head the tym.ly one is already committed to Kiril’s idea…so maybe that gives you a hint as to what it’s about? Probably not, but once I have a working bit to release, and explain the idea a little, I think you’ll see the connection (or at least I hope you will).

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