Today's random idea: Same Scene

Thanks to a friend, I recently got the chance to meet and talk with Broadway Video Ventures (BVV)

For those that don’t know about them, BVV is a fund primarily backed by various celebrities and successful high-profile members of the entertainment industry.

(Their offices are even located at 30 rock – on the same floor where many of the Saturday Night Live writers work).

So as you can imagine, they have a strong focus and interest in digital media and entertainment*.

Anyway, since that meeting I’ve had this random idea bouncing around in my head…not sure if it would actually be any good or not, but if anyone could pull it off I think someone with the connections and network like BVV would be the ones who could do it.

So what’s the idea? 

1. It’s a web site that posts up a script from one or more sketch writers once every week (or month or whatever frequency makes sense).

2. Users then use the provided script as inspiration to make a video that they then upload to the site (it should stick to the core of the script, but wouldn’t have to be a direct implementation of the script).

3. The video submissions are voted on to determine the ‘best’ for a given supplied scene (you can of course also comment, share, remix, etc. each video). Perhaps prizes or something could be awarded to the weekly winner?

That’s basically it.

Actually versions of this probably already exist (I know of at least a few contests who have done a version of this – including acts like the Flight of the Conchords).

And I’m sure you could argue that things like college humor are versions of this (but I think turning it into a weekly, same script/sketch, system would make it quite different than those existing experiences).

So it’s been on my mind because of the unique access that a company like BVV has to top-tier sketch writers. I just feel like with the right sketch writers providing the scripts, and the right celebrities promoting it, it *could* be a really interesting and entertaining experiment.

What do you think? Does this already exist somewhere that I just don’t know about?

* BVV also has connections to a seed fund around many of the same interests. My intro. was to introduce them to (I’m not actively raising money right now but I am actively connecting with potential seed investors as I get more of the pieces in place to do so).

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