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So there’s a slightly old (in internet times) thread over on NextNY going on about how Twitter can make money (it’s in response to an orig. post by Nate Westheimer).

I sort of joined in on the conversation a bit late, but posted a few of my own quick thoughts out there yesterday…and since then I’ve been thinking a bit more about Twitter and what really should be done with it.

If you’ve been following this blog for any bit of time, you’ll probably remember that I’m not a real big fan of Twitter…but I do have to say that enough other people are fans of Twitter that it’s now got large enough adoption that I think some really cool things could be done with it. Here are some of my basic ideas:

Warning many of these could be copies of thoughts others have had but due to my lack of memory I now believe to be my own…

1. Twitterpedia…basically I think Twitter should take all the data gathered each day from all the feeds, apply some intelligent filtering, and present that data as a history of the world for that given day (split up by topics, events, etc.)…it would be very much like building a whole wikipedia for a given day every day of the year. Over a very short period of time, it would be an incredible resource of information. If twitter doesn’t do this, I’m sure google will/should.

2. Along the same lines, I really think the power behind Twitter is very much like the power behind google…that is the collective effort of the masses. In google’s case it’s the collective masses doing searches that help determine the quality of the content (and turn out to be just what advertisers are looking for)…in Twitter’s case I think it’s about the collective masses reporting about the world they are experiencing…and I think the trick is to figure out what related market could really benefit from this? My opinion/guess is that to start, the various media/news services. If Twitter got to work on some serious data aggregation, they could build some really impressive real-time news reporting services…and then they could turn around and provide those feeds directly to news services (ala the Associated Press business model)…

Anyway those are the two main ideas that have been clouding up my brain the last 24 hours…well that and this whole 4th of July thing (we spent the day at a great birthday party for a 6 year old).

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