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Twitter’s gigantic freakin’ revenue opportunity is promoted tweets. And similar to how Google found its business model at, Twitter is taking its cue from StumbleUpon. But first….

Remember when Google didn’t have a business model? Yeah, the Internet and media giant with a valuation of $150-200 billion, $35+ billion in annual revenue, and ~$15 billion in annual cash flow couldn’t figure how to generate revenue while it was growing like a weed before 2000. Then they ‘adopted’ the paid search model; i.e., took it from (which became Overture, which was acquired by Yahoo), got sued by idealab (’s parent), settled for 2.7 million Google shares (which would be worth over $1.5 billion today if they never sold it - but they did), and yada yada yada for more information, well, Google it.

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feel like there is a def. mind-meld going on here… :-)

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