Two more good books.

Over the last week or so I listened to two more books via Audible that I feel compelled to recommend:

1. Breakpoint by Jeff Stibel - The title of this book talks about why the web will implode and search will be obsolete, but it really has very little to do with any of that.  Instead, it dives into some pretty interesting research about networks and how/why they work and when/why they collapse.

There are up and down parts to the whole book, but there are enough really great nuggets throughout the book that it’s worth putting in the time and getting through the down points.

2. Talk like TED by Carmine Gallo - I have had this book in my wishlist for a few months now as I anxiously waited for it to be released.  It finally was on Tuesday and I’ve already listened to the whole thing.

Overall, if you’ve watched a lot of TED talks (like I have), you probably won’t be that surprised by the advice and details that are shared throughout this book…but still it did a really good job at driving home some basic points about how to better communicate as a whole.

In hindsight, I probably had too high expectations going into this one - but it’s short read and still well worth the time…especially if you continue to work on your communication skills (it’s been a personal focus point for me over the past few months).

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