Updated version of the AVC PDF

I’ve been working my way through the massive AVC PDF I put together a week or so ago (I’m up to Mar of 2005 - so about 1/6th of the way through it)…and as I do that I’ve noticed a handful of little glitches that I wanted fixed.

So I took some time today to clean up a few little things and have uploaded a new, cleaner, version:


The main stuff in this update is:

1. Cleaned up *most* of the title duplication.

2. Fixed some edge cases where words were getting dropped from within posts.

3. Added a section to the end of each post to list out the URLs referenced within each post (but this increased the size a lot - it went from over 6,000 pages to over 7,000 pages!)

Hopefully it’s a little more reader friendly this way…and again, jumping over to the actual post via the URL on the bottom any given page is still the *best* way to ensure you experience the post as intended ;-)

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