What is Hero Brawl?

I did a quick write up for the initial “What is Hero Brawl” page tonight…so I thought I would dump it here as well and see what everyone else thinks (yes it still needs edits, but hey it’s a rough draft right): Hero Brawl is a new kind of game. A free, browser-based, game with turn-based-strategy fighting and strong social features. It is a game meant to be experienced and shared with friends but it is also designed to be simple and casual. You play with others, but you play at your own pace as your schedule and interest allows. So what kind of hero are you? There is strategy baked into just about every part of the game, but what makes Hero Brawl really fun is the freedom and the social interaction. Anyone can try just about anything right away - including brawling with any (or all) of the other real players and characters! But it is the smart players that will find the most success. The smart player who trains on the right moves - picks the right equipment - and brawls at the right times (with the right players). The player who uses strategy to throw the most effect and powerful fight commands at the perfect moment…that is the player who will find the quickest path to legendary hero status! Build a character. Fight Friends. Become a hero!

Just some of the advantages to playing hero brawl »

  • Build your own comic book hero
  • Train your hero abilities to grow more powerful
  • Train your hero with lots of different brawl commands
  • Equip your character with all sorts of goodies and advantages
  • Make and play with new friends
  • Start brawls with anyone
  • No limits to what you can try!
  • Dead easy to play, quick to become good, but near impossible to master
  • Get started now!
Oh and of course you can just check out the actual about page with cool graphics and simple layout on the real Hero Brawl site!

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