What it's not...

Sometimes it’s easier to explain what you aren’t or what you aren’t working on then it is to get into all the details or specifics of just what you are trying to do…if nothing else, sometimes it can help to clarify things to yourself.

So with that in mind, I wanted to bring up one more little point on the ‘momentum’ project I’m involved in - what we are not trying to do…and that’s 'search’.

What I mean is that we are not trying to beat google, or really even compete with google (or anything silly like that).

It’s not that I don’t think it can be done…in fact I can guarantee you that eventually google will be beaten in the 'search’ realm…because regardless of what everyone else is saying right now, google is not anywhere near perfection for search. They are simply better than any other alternative in the 'search’ field right now (and yes I agree, they aren’t just better they are WAY better then everyone else right now).

But that’s a bit of a tangent, my point is that our 'momentum’ project is not going to be the one that changes the game on google…because we are not about search.

At least not in the way that google is about search. You see google’s great if you know what you want and if you have a specific question…but it’s not designed to 'figure’ things out for you.

It’s not really designed to 'learn’ about you…at least not for the purposes of doing something 'better’ for you (you could argue it IS designed to learn about you for the purposes of serving you more relevant ads…but your digital footprint as far as I know is not yet being used by google when you perform searches).

However, these sorts of things ARE the kinds of things we are attempting to address with 'momentum’…it’s an ambitious goal. Very ambitious.

But that’s also what helps make it so interesting and so much fun!

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