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For the most part I stay away from politics, religion, and mainstream news…but when push comes to shove, I consider myself an out of touch, agnostic, democrat…which means in the looming election I’ll probably vote for Barack Obama.

The sad thing is that, for my entire adult life, I’ve been voting in presidential elections for the guy I dislike less than the other…it’s never been for the guy I really like or believe in, and it doesn’t look like it ever will be.

It’s one of those areas that I wish was more like the movies…where Presidents were people who were smarter than the average person, and held themselves to a higher standard than the rest of us.

I bring this up tonight because I’m on a Barack mailing list…and so I get the ‘please give us money’ emails about once every other day…normally I auto-delete them, but I figured tonight I would give it a quick read. That was a mistake.

Tonight’s email was all about bashing McCain for being out of touch with today’s economy…and pushed a new TV ad that the Barack campaign is rolling out to enlighten the rest of us on just how out of touch McCain is.

Now I don’t disagree that McCain is out of touch (and I’m def. not going to be voting for McCain no matter what happens)…but it really bugs me that Barack’s campaign feels the need to take this approach.

It seems to me he could make more ground and gain more supporters by talking about his own good points, plans, ideals, etc. than by pointing out all the weaknesses of his opponent. I’m not saying he has to ignore the fact that he’s in a competition, I’m just saying that taking the approach of “I’m not as bad as the other guy” is not really going to win me over (or make me feel good about voting for anyone).

It just seems like pushing your own message and staying focused on that is a much much smarter approach than simply attacking the other person’s message.

In the Boxing, the UFC, and in the NFL (or insert your competition of choice) they always talk about sticking to your gameplan, fighting your fight, and not getting roped into doing what the other guy wants you to do…I don’t know why that advice doesn’t extend to politics…but it should!

OK - enough on my political ranting for now…

I did want to mention one other thing real quick…the infamous Zed Shaw is talking about starting something called the Freehackers Union…it’s in the early stages, but if you are geek-inclined, you probably want to check it out! But be warned, the whole idea is create something just for us geeky hacker-like people…so there are going to be roadblocks designed to try and keep the wanna'bes out…which means it might not be the friendliest of places for newbies or non-tech heads.

If you’re still interested, you should head out to his blog…read up about the idea, and then contact him for information on how to get in!

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