Where my party people at?

I just cranked through a handful of annoying bugs for Bowker tonight…all the while listening to the new Nelly CD (Brass Knuckles) and a ZZ Top CD (Greatest Hits). These are the two newest additions to my CD collection - which you can probably guess just by the difference of these two, is quite varied.

Anyway - I’m actually a VERY big Nelly fan and I find most of his music to provide me with a nice amount of adrenaline (however you spell that)…I especially like to listen to it when I’m on the treadmill (which lately has not been often enough)…but it’s also a nice pick-me-up when I’m cranking through or struggling with some boring code (like tonight).

That’s all I got for tonight…I’m now off to try and crank through a little bit more Hero Brawl code! Wahoo!

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