why before what, what before how.

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of different technologies and languages. Throughout it all I’ve had my favorites and frustrations, but at the end of the day I honestly don’t think one technology or language is *absolutely* better than another.

It really all depends on the task at hand…and to a lesser degree, your own personal constraints.

If you know what you want to do, figuring out how within a given technology or language usually isn’t so hard (mostly you just have to look it up).

And to go one step further, if you really understand ‘why’ you want to do something…figuring out 'what’ you need to do is a bit easier too (and the combination of the 'why’ and 'what’ *always* leads to a 'best chance’ at the 'how’).

So - worry about the 'why’…let it lead you to the 'what’…flesh that out as much as possible before you start focusing on, or arguing a lot about, the 'how’.

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