Why isn't that a business?

This is the kind of wisdom and insight that only experience can give you.

I often get questions about my various projects – most of which have great potential to be great businesses – as to why I don’t focus on turning them into stand alone businesses and growing them as such.

The real answer always comes back to Cynthia’s insight…just because I can hack something interesting together, and it might be good enough for a few people to enjoy it and get value out of it, doesn’t mean that I’m the right person to turn it into a ‘real business’.

It’s glossed over a lot in the tech & startup world, but the truth is that growing into a successful business is freaking hard.

Starting it is actually pretty easy (and getting easier every day).

Growing it and executing consistently towards a larger goal is the real trick (and why the failure rate is so high).

The idea is romantic but the truth is it’s not just about having a great product powered by a great team. That’s really just table stakes.

If you aren’t ready or willing to completely obsess about growing the business and tirelessly executing towards one big goal…then don’t start the business.

Just keep it an interesting, useful, and beloved hack that makes the world a little bit better place…and keep building, evolving, and searching until you’ve found the right one.

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