Why Mark Suster is spot on & I still don't care...

Mark Suster has a great post up today about “Why titles matter a lot if you’re a blogger” (most all his posts are great actually, and if you don’t already, you should make him a regular read).

Anyway throughout it he mentions a few truths that I’ve known for awhile…and yet I still don’t practice them very much:

1. Titles matter because that is all most people read.

2. Gaining attention via social media requires repetition.

3. People love lists (well isn’t this meta of me!)

If I were a smarter, more ambitious, blogger…I would absolutely make these three things a part of my daily routine.

But I’m stubborn, I’m often an idealist, and luckily I’m not attempting to ‘blog’ for a profit (or even massive attention really).

Honestly, creating better titles is something that I do want to get better at, and will practice more diligently going forward…but the other two tidbits are truths that have always bugged me.

I hate having to repeat myself in general…I’ll say that again, I HATE HAVING TO REPEAT MYSELF…but on social media it’s worse.

It just makes me feel too much like a spam bot and Self-seeking, Self-centered, Self-absorbed, Egotistical, diva. I simply refuse to do it (and fully accept that it means I will not be as successful as I could be in grabbing an audience).

As for lists - I too love them…and I often write my posts by first doing a list-like outline of points I want to cover. But I find I generally only publish things in 'list format’ when I’m too lazy to take the time to flesh out the idea/thought a bit more…or when I’ve got too much info to dump at once…or on the *very* rare occasion where the content (I write) actually should be in a list.

So again, because of my own ideals and aspirations…and to my own detriment…I try to do the 'harder’ thing and avoid lists by fleshing out my ramblings a bit more.

All of which means I’m clearly not going to be a rock star blogger…but then again, on the upside it also means only the three or four of you that actually read my ramblings like today’s post will know that! ;-)

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