Yeah I'm still around.

I know I haven’t been posting much to the blog lately…but that’s mostly because I’ve just been too darn busy!

The good news is that I’ve got my hands into a lot of things right now and I’m gathering a large backlog of post ideas in my brain. So hopefully soon, I’ll actually post about some of the more interesting things I’m learning and/or being challenged by (or just find interesting and worth sharing).

As a quick update though, here’s a few things I’m working on:

1. - After powering through features and code on Hero Brawl for most of the summer and much of the fall, I have sort of taken a break and coasted since Christmas. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been logging ideas and watching how people are using/playing with the game…very soon, it’s going to be time to kick back into gear and implement some MAJOR updates and improvements.

2. and - I hacked the start of each of these sites together in a bout a day each…since doing that, I haven’t had a chance to get back to clean them all up and add the next set of features. Still, I have a lot of ideas I want to play with related to this stuff as well and now that I have more of the back end systems set up, I expect to making some good ground on this very quickly as well.

3. I’m going to be hacking together a small idea for a friend related to top ten lists. My friend wants the project done with Ruby on Rails, and I haven’t worked in rails for awhile now, so I’m kind of excited to dive back into a Rails project. It should be a pretty quick project once I sit down and do it, so I’m also interested in seeing how it all plays out.

4. I think I’m also going to be building a quick facebook app for the Tour de Pink (sponsored by the Y.S.C.)…the basic idea is to help people train for the bike tour, but I’m hoping to take it a little further than that and maybe help improve donations and activity as well. It’s early stages on this project, but I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this in the next week or two.

5. A few minutes here and there and I’ve just about got up and running…not sure if/what/when I’ll find time to start putting content into the system, but it’s all built with Catalyst and has been a good little project to stay fresh with those skills as well.

6. I’ve tasked a couple other friends with ‘running’ and letting me just be the 'tech’ guy behind the scenes (the reality is that I’ll be more like the head of the board of directors AND the tech. guy behind the scenes but whatever). Anyway, they’ve been getting ideas and things together as the business season of fantasy football is QUICKLY approaching. We should be diving back into active development and design in the next few weeks as well.

7. I have this idea for a people search system bouncing around in my head and I want to find some more time to flesh out the details a bit more.

Anyway - that’s the quick list…and yes it’s on top of my full time day job and any paying free lance gigs that I am usually working.

Still it’s no excuse for being lazy about posting (especially when I’ve proven to myself in the past that posting on a reg. basis helps to keep things moving forward, organized, and better thought out).

I’ll try to do more, better.

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