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Well I finally made it back from my annual New Orleans trip…I say annual, because it’s supposed to be an annual thing on Labor Day weekend…but three years ago I couldn’t go because Katrina hit the weekend before…last year was fine…and this year, Gustauv decided to kick me out early. That’s not much of an annual event after all!

Anyway to briefly recap the adventure…I left my house in NJ Friday around 10:00 am…after a day of airports and delays (thanks Dallas), I landed in New Orleans around 7 pm Friday night. I got my rental car and headed to my friend Corey’s place in Houma (about an hour away).

Friday night was fairly normal - ie. we all drank heavily and mostly trash talked last season and took a guess at how the picks would fall the next day (the weekend is built around a fantasy football draft we do every year)…I think I was the last to go to bed that night, and that was around 2 am.

As is usual when I’m at someone else’s house, I didn’t get much sleep…I woke up around 7 a.m. and since my friend Heath was up to, we decided to head to iHop for some quick breakfast.

Now I haven’t really mentioned it, but of course everyone there was paying close attention to the developing huricane…and since it was looking like we were going to have to evacuate before too long, the draft time was moved up from noon to 10am Sat. morning (as was the LSU game)…so after breakfast, we headed back to the house, and did the draft.

By that point, the news had reported the airport was going to close by 6pm Sunday night…my ticket to fly out was for 6am Monday morning…so that was going to be a problem…I called the airline and was able to get my ticket changed, but the only thing they had was for Sunday at 3:30 pm…I took it, but I was a bit concerned that the flight would be delayed and I would be stuck. I also wasn’t too sure about making my hosts stick around that long while they waited for me to leave (I felt like they needed to get their things and get going).

Since my friend Heath was going to be driving to Atlanta by himself anyway…I hoped onto priceline and orbitz to see what kind of tickets I could get…and as luck would have it I found a one-way ticket from ATL to Newark for just $150.00…so I jumped on it and my friend and I decided not to waste any time…we got in our cars and on the road by 3:00 pm.

We had to go by the airport first to return my car rental…and that same drive that took me a little under an hour the night before now took us about 3 hours! That should have been a tip off…but hey we were still tired from the night before and clearly not thinking straight.

Anyway, long story short, the trip from New Orleans to Atlanta - a trip that should take around 7 or 8 hours - took us 21 straight on-road hours!

Along the way there were lots of little adventures and experiences…but I’m way behind on work thanks to my weekend of ‘fun’…so I better get to work, and save the rest of the details for another day!

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