You build houses right?

Here’s the thing about being a ‘computer’ person…people just assume you know everything there is to know about computers or anything that has anything to do with computers…but in truth, nobody knows all that.

It’s sort of like going to someone that builds houses and saying “Hey you build houses…my house has a lawn, can you do my landscaping?”. Sure some builders will be able to do it (just like I probably can fix your printer or help you install some rare bit of software), but the reality is that it’s not their normal expertise.

The other related thing I’d like to rant for a second about tonight is the lack of specifications that people seem to think is acceptable.

Let me say it this way, if you give me crap on the way in, you are probably going to get crap duct taped together as a project.

Going back to my house builder metaphor for a second, it’s like saying “Build me a really cool house.”…then responding to most all questions (like how many rooms, what size, etc.) with “whatever is standard, just do the normal thing” or “What did the builder who built the Empire State building do? Just try to copy that.”

Then going back and being really upset to see your new house is shaping up to be a 30+ story, gray, steel structure (because you wanted a 4 bedroom colonial house that was as structurally sound as the Empire State building).

OK - I’m generalizing, rambling, and ranting a bit here but hey in my defense I didn’t get much sleep last night [but the Billy Joel concert at Shea rocked!] and it’s been a long day of fixing issues mostly thanks to a lack of blueprints (I wasn’t around for the blueprint phase, but that’s a whole different rant).

At least I feel better having purged that ball of unorganized min-rant points from my brain.

As always, thanks for listening!

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